1 Billion “Ring Moments” Recordings Deserves A Momentous Celebration

By   November 3, 2016

Ring rolled out their innovative Ring Smart Video Doorbell on August 27, 2014 and less than two years later came the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Ring has definitely changed the way consumers feel about doorbells, because both of these Smart-Connected devices are unlike anything ever seen before. Consumers that have invested in these products have shared their experiences with the Ring team on a daily basis. According to Ring’s Chief Inventor and Founder, Jamie Siminoff, customers began sharing their favorite Ring Moments with the team in January 2015.


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The team is amazed and thrilled with the customers’ response to Ring and every shared Ring Moment is just as important to the team as the customer. The company has risen from a garage startup to one of the leading outdoor home security companies in the nation. The 1 billion Ring Moment event calls for celebration and everyone is encouraged to join in.

The Ring team recalls one special story, received from a customer, whose father was diagnosed with vascular dementia. The elderly man exited his house and walked to his son’s home, where he was detected by the Ring’s passive motion sensor. A notification was transmitted to the son’s app-enabled device and he was able to make it to his father, before he had time to wander away.

Another customer’s Ring device captured a photo of a serial burglar and helped the law enforcement agency identify and apprehend the suspect. These are only to name a few, but every Ring Moment holds a special place in the hearts of the customer and the Ring team.

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