A Comprehensive Breakdown Of The Kasia Smart Home Hub

By   April 9, 2016

 Kasia is an affordable smart home hub. This is the first home system that is intelligent and it is high time your home is equally smart as your smart phone. Below, you’ll learn all about the brand new Kasia Smart Home Hub

kasia smart home hub

New Introduction

Kasia Inc. was founded in 2013. It is a Los Angeles based company established by brothers Eric and Mendel Lin. They started their business after they had trouble finding a smart home system to suit their requirements. They had more than 50 years of experience in the development of products, engineering, and manufacturing. The Kasia team is dedicated to make connected and smart home solutions that are easy to use and is accessible to everyone.

Kasia is the first affordable and secure smart home system. This is a product that works with IOT and is suitable for connected homes. Kasia permits its users to monitor remotely and control anything and everything at home.

Kasia Inc. has got a good start on Kickstarter campaign goal. Kasia is actually designed to be most affordable and securest smart home system that also includes devices such as a remote, an outlet plug, a wall switch, sensors and more. All the devices are paired with the Kasia free app that allows easy monitoring, controlling, and automation of all the Kasia devices of today and tomorrow.


Device details

Kasia smart home hub is a new IOT device and so is prone to hacking as it is not really secure. The Kasia system uses the variable key/ AES256 w + rolling codes and thus is efficient to identify wireless jamming. Kasia owners can be assured that your home is safe and no one can monitor or take control of their home in the owner’s absence or without their permission.

Kasia was cofounded by Eric and Mendel Lin, the brothers to combat issues created by the expensive and insecure products in the smart home market. Considering the smart home products from start-ups and existing companies, the Kasia offers everything consumers need and amazingly at the price that was surely affordable. Kasia is made, while keeping in mind security, and thus eliminating the worry about who will have access to your devices and home.


Key Features:

  • Automated notifications as smart alerts about your home
  • Your lights react to your presence in the room you are in
  • Allows smart monitoring of your home from anywhere
  • Scenario system that allows switching from anywhere that it is simple
  • Multiple users can have individual control and also can monitor the system
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • The wireless link extends beyond WiFi



Kasia comprises of individual devices working together to have your home in control. It is also easy to install. The instructions are simple to walkthrough and everything is available in the app.



  • Smart phone apps easily available
  • Allows controlling and monitoring the system with a button touch and Affordable.


  • Warranty period is not clear.



The Kasia device is interconnected with other devices of Kasia. Together, it creates a better connection and a more comprehensive automation system. At the same time, you are assured of peace of mind and will be able to control everything from afar. More details can be found at the company’s Kickstarter page.