A Genuine Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid Review

By   March 15, 2016

BB-8 Droid is the most relevant and coolest item in the Star Wars. You can identify the BB8 even watching the trailer. This is built by Sphero and is a Genuine Sphero BB-8 that is an app enabled droid. You can watch the same prop even while you watch the movie. It is been built by the same company that is making this version of toy robot.

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Pairing and Design

Sphero BB-8 App is a ball measuring 4.5 inches tall featuring an orange size fruit. Considering its head as an inclusion it is 2.9 inches wide.   It sports gray and orange patters and a tee is detailed down. It is same as the droid, but much smaller in size. It gives a fee of being very authentic coming from a galaxy.

The design is such that it resembles a plastic ball that is compact filled with gyroscopes and can be controlled by a Bluetooth enabled mobile device. This is same as any RC car in the old fashion. You may zip the BB-8 app and enjoy using a virtual joystick or even put it in a patrol mode such that you enjoy watching its toddle. Nevertheless it is sure to be fun owing to its dubious performance that is sending the droid to Sandcrawler.

Sphero BB-8 is produced by a company and BB8 is a rolling robot powered by your tablet or phone. Same as Ollie and Sphero, this app is customized such that you can enjoy effortless connection and get driving at the earliest. Begin the app, hold your tablet or phone near BB-8 and once the light is up, get going.


BB-8 by Sphero

The app has a driving portion that offers you an orientation pad and a virtual joystick. You may position the orientation to yourself and regardless of the direction you take, the joystick will travel in the BB8 direction. The driving interface is simple, but you will have to learn driving a rolling ball. In case, you have already used the original Sphero ball, you have the BB8s addition to enjoy driving complexity.

Driving BB8 on any flat surface is possible, though each surface is different. BB8 is not very fast, but stable as you give your first command of movement. Flat surfaces are appropriate for BB8, but for the robot it is easy to slide out of control. A gritty surface such as pavement is flat and good, but if there are bumps, there will be more pauses.


BB-8 crash

The driving interface accessories feel like the bot that appears in the upcoming Star Wars movie. The head spins all around and performs simple movements. Each action is accompanied with audio and can be enjoyed indoors, while outdoors with other sounds it may be less exciting. However, BB8 is expected to have its own speaker, though the accompaniment of audio is cute.



  • Easy setup
  • Genuine design
  • Simple app
  • Amazing manual controls


  • Expensive
  • Long charge time taken
  • Gets dirty fast


Overall Assessment

Sphero BB8 app enabled droid is a robotic fun toy that allows you to drive around and enjoy bumping. This is also a smartphone controlled toy, looks nice and pleasure to use. Of course, the price is steep.

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