A New KICKSTARTER Campaign Unveils Yet Another Smart Doorbell: Ding

By   October 11, 2016

KICKSTARTER is the go-to place for motivated and creative up and coming inventors. Here, these individuals can display and request financial assistance for their innovative ideas. Many people have gotten their start on crowdfunding websites, thanks to interested donors like you. The Ding Smart Doorbell is yet another idea that may soon become a reality, with 129 backers pledging over $16,000 since the campaign launched on October 10, 2016.


Ding Smart Doorbell


Ding is integrated with a Wi-Fi module, which acts as a communication gateway from the existing Internet router, to the Chime, and smartphone or tablet. When a visitor rings the doorbell, an alert will be transmitted to the app-enabled device. The Ding app will be available on iOS and android, with Windows to follow in a later update.

The Ding Smart Doorbell is basically a two-part system made up of the Button and Chime. The button is the exterior portion of the doorbell and the Chime is a high tech speaker layered with textiles of various colors. The Chime and Button connect with each other, utilizing the embedded DECT 1.9Ghz Technology. This technology has been embedded into cordless phones for many decades and has been proven to function accurately, reliably, and effectively. DECT offers a 40-meter range, so in order for the technology to function properly, the Chime should be placed within this range. Exterior walls should not alter the range, which makes it perfect for outdoor applications.

The Ding Button is designed to provide a battery powered or hardwired (5V DC power supply) operation. If you detest replacing dead batteries or recharging, you should definitely take advantage of the hardwired option. If you want to avoid the grueling hardwired installation process, you will always have the battery-powered option to fall back on, which offers an average 6-month runtime. The audible 80dB sound at 15 meters is comparable to a garbage disposal. By accessing the app interface, you can make adjustments to the volume and sound level, create time schedules, and enable/disable notifications and calls.

The Ding Smart Door is expected to arrive sometime in August 2017. If you are interested learning more about this innovative device, be sure to check out the associated KICKSTARTER campaign page.

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