A Wearable Air Purifier That Provides A Continuous Fresh Stream Of Air – Airdog Fitair

By   January 18, 2017

As smog and pollutants fill the air in metropolitan areas, residents are concerned for their safety. In Japan and China, residents wear traditional surgical masks to protect themselves from communicable diseases and prevent the spread of infection. While these masks can be a little awkward, they still do exactly what they are supposed to do.


Airdog Fitair Air Purifier


The Airdog Fitair Air Purifier converts from a desk unit to a wearable within seconds. The detachable mask fits over the face, so the attached stacked unit generates fresh air that can safely be inhaled into the lungs. While the device will work great as a wearable, the small amount of air generated when sitting on a desk, will hardly be noticeable.

Even though the Airdog Fitair Purifier is not a Smart gadget, it could come in handy for residents in metropolitan areas. The device could prove to be valuable for individuals that suffer from exercise-induced asthma, as well. The company showcased and demonstrated the purifier at CES 2017.

It will hit the market later this year and sell for around $100, which isn’t bad for a device that can help to reduce exposure to harmful atmospheric toxins.