Amazon Echo Has Yet Another Competitor That May Just Be Worth Mentioning

By   August 24, 2016

Amazon has seen much success with their Bluetooth speaker, Echo with voice-automated personal assistant, Alexa. Samsung is preparing to take on the Amazon Echo, by developing their very own voice-automated Bluetooth speaker. It is truly hard to beat the Echo, since it is continuously evolving and becoming more intelligent every day. This is still not deterring Samsung from giving it their best shot, but who could blame them, since Amazon successfully sold over 3 million Echo speakers, since its rollout.


Samsung Scoop


Samsung is yet to officially unveil its plans, but rumor has it that they are amid the developmental phase. Ausdroid, an Australian Android news source first noticed the Samsung speaker, which is for now being called “Scoop”. According to the manual submitted to the FCC, Scoop will have many of the same similarities as the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Its short, circular design and strap handle are unique, but is this enough to pull the consumers’ attention away from the Echo and Home?

For those of you that are interested in this new development, you will need to tune into the 2016 IFA Trade Show. The event takes place in Berlin, Germany and is set to commence September 2, 2016. Hopefully, Samsung will fill us in on the Scoop.