Appbot-LINK Smart Home Robot Review

By   February 23, 2016

Every homeowner is working diligently to secure their home with various Smart Home devices. Well, now comes the Appbot-Link, which is actually a robotic security system embedded with an IP camera and night vision features. This just happens to be one of the most intelligent robots ever created for the sole purpose of home security. It is integrated with wireless 2.4GHz technology, so it can communicate with most Android and iOS devices.

appbot link app review

The IP camera is capable of providing a viewing angle of 65 degrees. It can snap full HD images and record real time videos, so there is not much activity that will go on in your home, without you being aware of it. Just download the associated Appbot app to your mobile device, complete the initial setup, and begin enjoying everything that this Smart robot has to offer.

Battery Capabilities

When the on-board lithium polymer rechargeable battery (1,200mAh) reaches the minimum level, the robot will return to the docking station, just like the Roomba Robot cleaner. If at any time, Appbot-LINK tilts over, it will automatically return to the standing position, without assistance.

Night Vision Capabilities

The built-in white LEDs provide the highest brightness level for a crisp, clear night vision view. During the charging process, the user will still have the ability to see a 360 degree live stream, thanks to the rotatable docking station. You can also manipulate the neck 120 degrees, so you can get a better view of a specific area.

Receiving Notifications

The Smart Home robot is compatible with iOS (V6 or higher) and Android (4.1 and later) devices. The built-in motion sensor will detect any movement within its range, when this happens the robot will turn around to capture an image or real time video of the event. The homeowner will also receive an immediate notification on their app enabled device, so they can initiate an investigation.

Two-Way Communication

This robotic security system is capable of seeing and talking, this is made possible by the built-in two-way communication system. You can communicate with family members that are in the same room as the Appbot-LINK. With this capability, you can turn this device into a baby monitor.


  • Voice and face recognition
  • Built-in two-way communication system, motion sensor, and wireless 2.4 GHz technology
  • Compatible with Android (4.1 and later) and iOS (V6 and higher) devices
  • Self-docking capabilities
  • Use night vision with or without LEDS
  • Returns to standing position, when it falls over
  • HD IP Camera
  • Robot measurements 4 1/4″ H X 3.46″ W X 3.54″ D
  • On-board lithium polymer battery


  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Night vision could use an upgrade

Overall, the Appbot-LINK is a reliable security robot that is embedded with various features that will help increase the security level in your home. In fact, it can be utilized as a baby monitor, since it virtually has the same capabilities, as a reputable brand monitoring system. For the price, you will not be able to beat this robotic security system, plus its gorgeous design will definitely draw a lot of attention.

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