AUSUS Zenbo – Personal Assistant That Can Help You Live More Independently

By   August 21, 2016

Aging is a normal part of life, but it isn’t something that anyone looks forward to. While many elderly adults are able to live active, healthy lifestyles, others are not so lucky. In May 2016, AUSUS unveiled the new robotic personal assistance, Zenbo. Jonney Shih, AUSUS Chairman says the company has crafted a sales pitch that gears toward senior care. Many countries, including Japan, United States, and Europe are dealing with an ever-increasing aging population.


AUSUS Zenbo Smart Robot


Zenbo is already capable of responding to voice command and detecting falls, which is a common problem for seniors. According to the CDC there are 2.5 million seniors treated for fall injuries annually in the United States alone. Many fall victims are unable to assess a phone, so they are forced to remain in the same position for hours until someone comes to their rescue. This is where Zenbo would come into play, since it would have immediately detected the fall and alerted a family member. All of this is made possible through a Smart bracelet that connects to Zenbo. Once the fall is detected, Zenbo will transmit an alert to relatives and remain in close proximity until someone arrives to assist.

Zenbo is embedded with a two-way communication system, so users can make video calls to anyone worldwide. Zenbo can also take pictures, read stories, and play interactive games with your grandchildren. AUSUS plans to partner with other Smart Home companies, giving users the ability to control their third-party devices utilizing the Zenbo smartphone app.

AUSUS has not disclosed a release date as of yet, but they are encouraging developers to join them on their quest in making Zenbo the most helpful and intelligent personal assistant ever.