Automatic Connected Car Adapter Review

By   March 19, 2016

Automatic Connect Car Adapter is useful and it plugs into any car. It is of immense use to unlock the hidden data from the onboard computer of your car. Decoding the engine light with the description from the app is possible and it is right to clear minor issues. However, if you are looking for an expert, your app will give you details of the nearby mechanics. This product is especially for the US residents only.

automatic connected car adapter review


Automatic Connect Car Adapter offers immediate assistance and you can receive emergency services. In fact a live agent will give you the required assistance in an accident or you can notify your loved people. In the US, it is available 24/7 and for the 2nd Generation adapter there are no subscription fees. Even staying near the radar is enough as it helps you stay within the speed limit in the app designated. It also assists in the driving to the extent that you can improve smoother accelerating and hard braking.

The Automatic connect coaches your teen driver to be a safer driver. It is sure to offer safe driving that is more relaxed and less stressful for the teens with new license and the parents can be assured. Subtle adjustments help in commuting and it has an impact on the mileage. You can find the MPG and cost with each trip and also identify efficient routes. For easier tracking, tag certain trips.



Automatic Connect Car Adapter features free mobile app through Bluetooth with the adapter such that it displays mileage and trip logs, diagnoses engine problems and even calls for assistance in a crash.

Automatic empowers drivers with knowledge about the cars so that they are safer and driving is smarter. Automatic helps in making essential changes to your driving behavior, thus it assists in saving on gas, besides it remembers the place you park, diagnoses your engine light, and calls automatically for assistance if there is a crash. In fact, your loved ones are also notified.


Excellent features

  • Save on gas
  • Compare drive score with other Automatic users
  • Get feedback in real-time on your driving after the drive
  • Never forgets the place you parked
  • Get warnings for low fuel and also the miles left in your driving
  • Manual check-in not required
  • Crash response 24/7
  • Diagnoses your engine light


Safety for teen drivers

Your teen may be coached to safe driving with this Automatic program. Teens with a parent as coach may have tough time learning. The advantage with this app is that this android has a do-not-disturb feature where the notifications, incoming texts and phone calls become silent when you drive. Automatic Connect Car Adapter turns down automatically the thermostat and it is compatible with majority of the gasoline cars.


Pros: Automatic updates to app, easy setup, provides info about mechanics and gas prices

Cons: Setup requires entering VIN requires phone data connection, cannot connect Bluetooth headset.



Automatic Connect Car Adapter helps tracking and teenagers driving, but with the next version there may be more useful features.

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