Baidu Unveils Its New Voice-Centric Home Robot At CES 2017

By   January 19, 2017

Baidu, a Chinese-based tech giant, unveiled its new Amazon Echo copycat, Little Fish. The robot features a large screen display, camera, microphone and a Smart speaker. While Little Fish is similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home, it is also very unique in that it offers video chatting and video streaming directly to the screen.


Baidu Little Fish Smart Robot


Baidu partnered with Ainemo, a Chinese consumer tech company, to launch the device. Baidu designed and created the operating system, while Ainemo created the hardware. The device is capable of answering questions, managing calendars, ordering food, purchasing theatre tickets, requesting cleaning services and receiving new updates.

The built-in camera is capable of tracking the user’s face as he/she moves. So far the company has not mentioned availability, pricing or the Smart Home platform the robot will work with. However, it is compatible with the company’s local services platform.

Baidu is open to the possibility of partnering with device manufactures and service providers in the U.S. According to rumors, Amazon has plans to develop a new version of its Echo Smart speaker, with a large screen.

The Baidu Little Fish Smart Robot may just be the right device to take on the Amazon Echo. A release date has also not yet been mentioned.