BeOn Starter Pack – The Good And The Bad

By   December 18, 2016

Have you ever found yourself in the dark during a power outage? If so, you are not alone, with only a candle and flashlight to rely on. While these items are a necessity for power outages, they cannot compare to the BeOn Starter Pack, which is made up of a Smart bulb and rechargeable backup battery. The BeOn Smart Bulb will provide 4-hours of backup light, which is pretty significant considering that this is a light bulb. The battery recharges as long as AC is present, so it will be fully charged, in the event of an outage.


BeOn Starter Kit

The Good

The BeOn Smart Bulb is one of the “smartest” bulbs on the market. It features an embedded microphone that is capable of listening to a surveillance system and doorbell. When the doorbell, fire alarm, smoke detector or surveillance system is activated, the light will respond, even if it is switched off and you are away from the home, by lighting up the indoor environment. This feature alone will deter burglars from breaking into your home.

The Smart bulb is also capable of learning and replicating the homeowner’s lighting patterns. This is a very unique feature that will automatically replay the patterns to make it look like you are at home, but you will need to tell the system you are away in advance. The associated app will support multiple BeOn Smart Bulbs. It can also be activated remotely from a smartphone or tablet, with the associated mobile app and Wi-Fi connection.


The Bad

The mobile app is limited, as it doesn’t offer a time schedule creation and will not integrate with larger mesh networks. So far, the company has not initiated third-party compatibility, but the company has recently mentioned integrating with Amazon’s Echo. All the company would need to do is upgrade the Smart module, with a version embedded with an Apple-approved chipset, this upgrade would bring HomeKit compatibility, which is exactly what current, former and potential customers are hoping for.

CNET ranked the BeOn Smart Bulb as one of the best Smart Home devices of 2016.

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