Best Smart Home Light Bulbs

By   November 22, 2015

If you have already invested in a Smart Home Automation Hub, you will want to purchase as many Smart Home devices as possible. A Smart Light Bulb will not only provide your home environment with infinite lighting, but it will help cut down on energy waste. We have compared a variety of light bulb brands to provide you with the many different advantages and disadvantages of each product.

best smart home light bulbs

What Is A Smart Bulb?

Before going any further, you should take the time to learn the basics. A smart bulb is a lightbulb, which can be controlled in an innovative manner. The bulb is either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled and it can be controlled from your smart phone or tablet. Many can also be scheduled to switch on and off at specific times throughout the day. They’re truly beneficial and incredibly cool. The best of the best will be explored in greater depth below.



philips smart light bulb

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit A19

When exploring the smart home lighting market, you should look no further than Philips! This company has been in the game for an extensive period of time and their products should never be shunned. The company’s lineup of smart LED light bulbs is thoroughly impressive and the functionality is wonderful. Whether you’re looking for energy saving light bulbs or smart bulbs, you should look no further than the Philips Hue!

Notable Specifications

  • 2nd Generation has been upgraded from 600 to 800 lumens
  • Internal storage has been increased for enhanced functionality
  • Now works with Apple’s HomeKit, so the lights can be controlled from your Apple iPhone and with Siri voice control
  • Kit comes with 3 smart light bulbs, so you can setup your own customized lighting system
  • Controllable through your smartphone and tablet
  • Gives you the ability to create “scenes”
  • Works with all 10w screw base light fittings
  • The smart bulb offers various shades of white
  • Compatible with Wink and Amazon Echo
  • Comes with 2 year warranty on parts and labor

When taking the time to explore the smart light bulb from Philips, you will find an immensely beneficial bulb, which is truly hard to beat. With the Philips Hue, you’ll be able to setup and personalize your own wireless lighting system, which can be controlled effortlessly from your smart phone. With the few pushes of your smart phone, you’ll be able to adjust the smart lightbulb and switch to a desirable tone. You can enjoy white light, as well as a full spectrum of beautiful colors.

The Philips Hue can be used in an assortment of unique ways. For starters, you will be able to control these smart bulbs from anywhere in the world, by utilizing your smart home. This will give you the ability to use your smart home automation system to save money! At the same time, you can sync the lights with your favorite music, games and movies. If you’re a big sports fan, you can setup a scene, which forces the lights to change colors, when your favorite team scores a goal.

All in all, these smart LED lights cannot be ignored! The Philips Hue is definitely one of the best LED light bulbs and will provide you with a money-saving, innovative alternative. If you want to experience the smart light technology, the Philips Hue Kit is definitely a good start.

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LIFX Original Smart Light Bulb

LIFX Original A21 Wi-Fi Smart Light Bulbs Review

There are many different light bulb types and the LIFX Original is definitely one of the best and most convenient. Although this bulb is a little more costly than some of the others, it comes with added functionality, which more than justifies the price hike. The bulb is incredibly easy to setup and most homeowners will be able to get it up and running, within a matter of minutes. More specifications can be found below.

Notable Specifications

  • Installation and setup couldn’t be easier
  • Light is adjustable and can be dimmed
  • Comes with built in Wi-Fi, so no smart home hub is needed
  • Offers 16 million different colors to choose from
  • Can be synced with your Nest Smoke and CO2 detector
  • Can provide over 22 years of lighting
  • Can be controlled with the free app, which works with iOS and Android devices
  • 80% energy saving light bulb
  • Can sync with your phone’s GPS and switch on, when you arrive home
  • Can flash blue, when you’re tagged on Facebook
  • Access the LIFX IFTTT Channel to download existing recipes or make your own

The LIFX Smart Light Bulb offers an array of impressive functions, which aren’t available anywhere else. If you do not have a smart home hub and have no intention of purchasing one, this could very well be the best light for your home. With your own personalized LIFX Cloud account, you will be able to access and control your lights from anywhere in the world. When out and about, you can set your lights to flick on and off erratically, in order to convince potential intruders that someone is home.

The bulb is multi-functionality and can work in conjunction with your phone’s GPS, Facebook and even the Nest Protect. Truly, it is incredibly hard to beat the LIFX Original A21 Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb! For the price and thanks to the functionality, this is one of the best light bulbs on the market.

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sunlabz smart bulb

SunLabz Smart Light Bulb – Smart Light Bulb Reviews

A colorful light bulb can alter any environment for the better. If you frequently enjoy entertaining, you should consider adding the SunLabz smart light bulb to your list of entertainment goodies. This bulb will provide you and your guests with an abundance of enjoyment and 16 million colors to select from.

Notable Specifications

  • Integrated with a Bluetooth chip
  • Compatible with iOS (4s and later) and Android 4.3 and later
  • 9 Watt bulb
  • Includes a 3-Year manufacturer’s warranty in the purchase price
  • 16 million color options
  • Energy efficient
  • Available in black and white matte finish
  • 15,000 Hour lifespan

The SunLabz bulb has a very unique cone shaped design, so it will look absolutely stunning in pendant or floor lamps. The bulb measures in at 5.9” L X 2.9” in diameter. This is a 9 watt LED bulb, so it will not drive up your energy bill after the first month of use.

By downloading the SunLabz mobile app to your source device, you will be able to create your own flashing color cycle that will set the mood for any event. The bulb will also flash in sync with your favorite tunes. This strobe effect will definitely be perfect for dance floors and outdoor pool parties.

You can also schedule a preset time for the bulb to switch on/off via your app enabled device. There is one downside to the SunLabz Smart LED bulb and that is the app has difficulty finding the bulb, but this takes nothing about from its quality, convenience, and affordability.

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best smart led bulbs

Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

The Flux Smart light bulb is integrated with a 4.0 Bluetooth chip, so it can communicate with iOS, Android, and other Bluetooth enabled devices. The Flux allows you to personalize your lighting to suit your needs and preferences, this is great for birthday parties, weddings, and the holidays.

Notable Specifications

  • 16 million+ color options with adjustable dimness
  • Compatible with most iOS (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, iPad mini/3/4), Android, Automation Hubs, and Smart Home devices
  • Allows full control 50 bulbs simultaneously
  • Colored lights will blink in sync with music from the Flux app
  • A variety of music genres to select from
  • Energy efficient LED 7 watts light bulb
  • Super easy installation

Once you receive your FLUX bulb, you will need to take the time to download the FLUX app onto your source device and then screw the bulb into a light socket. You will have 20 pre-programmed color modes with fading and strobe lighting to select from. You can customize your own programs, so you can have more fun entertaining your guests.

This is a 7watt bulb, so it will not utilize a lot of electricity and you should receive around 50,000 hours of span time, before it will need replaced. You can schedule run times via the Flux app, so it will only run for the specified amount of time. The bulb will turn on at the preset time and switch back off, after the time has expired.

This is a high-quality Flux Bulb that will offer many hours of fun, but it does have one downside. The Flux mobile app is not so reliable, because occasionally it will not want to connect to the bulb, but the app interface is very user friendly and will offer you full control.

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gunilamp smart bulb

Gunilamp Smart LED Light Bulb

Not all Smart light bulbs have the same design or offer the same benefits, which is why shopping for one is extremely difficult. The Gunilamp LED light bulb is designed to offer convenience, unlimited colors, and energy efficiency. This Smart bulb is very unique in that it offers compatibility with iOS (4s, 5, 5c, 6, 6 plus), Android, and Bluetooth devices.

Notable Specifications

  • Offers a 40,000 hour or 22-year lifespan
  • Energy efficient (uses 80% less energy than the traditional bulb)
  • Integrated with a 4.0 Bluetooth chip
  • Compatible with most iOS, Android (4.3 operating system only), and 4.0 Bluetooth enabled devices
  • 16 million color options, with dimness/brightness adjustability
  • Constructed of aluminum alloy, which offers heat sink and isolation to increase longevity
  • Touch control allows the user to switch colors with a finger touch
  • Control up to 9 bulbs simultaneously
  • Customize scheduled settings
  • 5 Pre-programed color modes (reading, sleeping, dancing)

Once you receive your Gunilamp LED light bulb, you will need to download the acceptable Gunilamp app to your source device and then complete the initial setup. The bulb measures in at 128 mm L X 78 mm in diameter, which is slightly larger than most brands.

It operates on 9.5 watts of power, so it will increase your electric bill after the first month of use. It is bright enough for reading, which cannot be said about the competition brand.

Overall, the Gunilamp is a very high-quality Smart light bulb that will offer thousands of hours of fun and an extremely long service life. There is one downside to this bulb and that is the app is a little buggy at times.

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smarty bluetooth smart light bulb

Smaty Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb

If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient light bulb, you should look no further than Smaty! This company may be lesser known, but their lightbulbs shouldn’t be ignored. The Smaty Smart LED Light Bulb offers a handful of benefits and its functionality and use is somewhat easier than some of the others. The bulb’s most notable specifications can be found below.

Notable Specifications

  • Can be controlled from various smartphones and tablets
  • Utilizes Bluetooth 4.0
  • Installation is effortless – Screw in the bulb, download the app, switch on Bluetooth, turn on the bulb and go
  • Energy saving bulb with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Very affordable
  • A massive color palette, with over 16 million colors and each can be dimmed
  • Light can be scheduled to switch on and off
  • Can be synced with music and other sounds
  • 5 bulbs can be controls simultaneously

There are many different bulbs, which claim to be the best smart light bulbs. The competition is heated and Smaty’s entry is definitely a formidable foe. The smart LED bulb offers tons of functionality and can be controlled anywhere in your home. The only true downfall of this bulb is the fact that it isn’t compatible with Wi-Fi technology. It utilizes Bluetooth, so it cannot be controlled outside of your home.

Still, this bulb is significantly cheaper than many of the smart light bulbs with Wifi connectivity. Therefore, it should not be ruled out completely. The bulb is very versatile and can be used in numerous ways. For the price and with the combination of features, the Smarty Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb is undoubtedly one of the best light bulbs for those that want to experience the potential of smart home technology. Be sure to check it out in further details today.

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smart light bulbs review

Coidak E27 Wireless LED Light Bulb

A color changing light bulb can definitely set the perfect mood for any celebration. While there are many different LED light brands available on today’s market, some of them will not offer as many advantages as the Coidak E27. This bulb comes with a remote controller, which offers convenience and the capabilities to control multiple bulbs simultaneously.

Notable Specifications

  • Integrated with the 2.4G wireless connectivity
  • Remote control range of 65.6′, thanks to the built-in antenna
  • 12 Watts, equivalent to 50 watt incandescent bulb
  • 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty included in the purchase price
  • Bulb measurements: 4.7″ H X 2.2″ in diameter
  • Remote measurements: 4.1″ H X 2.32″ L X 0.35″ D
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from -25-65 degrees Celsius
  • Offers a life span of around 50,000 hours
  • Constructed out of aluminum and plastic

You can customize DIY colors, set flash settings, and adjust dim level via remote control. Thanks to the built-in memory function, the bulb will remember the last color setting, so you are not forced to reset every time you switch it on.

You can recode the bulb to a different remote by utilizing a specific coding method, which is provided by Coidak. The beautiful multicolored LEDs will definitely transform any ordinary room into an entertainment environment. The remote is very user friendly and will offer you a 50,000 hour lifespan.

There are two downsides to the Coidak and this is it does not offer an extremely bright, white light and cannot be used in wet environments. If you need brightness for reading, you may need to switch back to the original bulb.

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