Controlling Smart Home Devices With Apps May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

By   March 15, 2017

Smart Home enthusiasts are always exploring new technology that will enhance the functionality of their Smart Home. Most of these people have innumerable apps downloaded on their mobile devices that are utilized to control connected gadgets, such as door locks, cooking devices, lights, thermostats, security cameras and window shades. Controlling these gadgets from separate apps just doesn’t make sense, which is why many people are turning to home automation platforms.


Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

The HomeKit, SmartThings and Wink platforms, along with IFTTT, a web-based service, allows users to create a home network, with compatible third-party connected devices.

The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker that also acts as a Smart Home gateway offer immense flexibility. Tech companies are rushing to integrate their Smart products and devices with Alexa, a virtual personal assistant that resides inside the Echo. There are roughly 10 million Echo speakers installed in homes around the world, while Amazon is offering tech companies and developers partnership opportunities.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, a text messaging standardized chat program that can be found on billions of mobile phones, would open up doors of opportunities for the Smart Home market. Just the mere thought of being able to communicate with Smart devices through a messaging app would be ideal for users. The Smart Home artificial intelligence system created by Mark Zuckerberg may be able to offer a more information-rich format.

Of course, chatbots will not become the default interface for connected gadgets any time soon, but maybe in a few years. Chat systems may gain notability in the Smart Home world, encouraging tech companies and developers to sign on. Being able to connect to more people may also offer more opportunities to drive up the sales of Smart Home devices.

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