“Donate Your Data” Program Launched By ecobee

By   November 25, 2016

Smart Home devices are a wealth of information that could prove to be very valuable for utility companies. Most of these companies are hard at work, devising programs to help them meet government regulations and migrate away from fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is a great way to save money, reduce pollution and combat climate change. It is a fact that most energy consumed in the United States is wasted through heat loss and transmission.


Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat


Consumers can also do their part in conserving energy, by investing in Energy Star certified appliances and Smart Home devices. If you are an ecobee customer, you will now have the opportunity to join forces with the leading researchers in North America. Ecobee, a leading provider of Smart Home products, launched a new program that will allow customers to donate their home data to energy efficiency research.

Recent studies were limited to a small number of homes, but with ecobee’ customer home data, there will be no end to the possibilities. The company is offering one million plus customers an opportunity to share their data, securely and anonymously, with governmental, academic and NGO research partners across North America. Data will include basic details about customers’ home and occupancy.

President and CEO of ecobee, Stuart Lombard said, “With Donate Your Data, ecobee customers have the potential to supply an incredible amount of data that directly supports some of the most sophisticated advancements in energy efficiency, which is core to the mission ecobee was founded on.” You can visit: www.ecobee.com/donateyourdata for more information.

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