Enhance Your Existing Wi-Fi Network Signal And Security System With The Zmodo Beam

By   October 16, 2016

Zmodo began operation in 2009, since then the company has developed a long list of innovative Smart-Connected devices. The Pivot Security Camera and the Torch Pro Light Bulb are only two examples of Zmodo’s intuitive Smart Home products. With this being said, many consumers experience issues with these products, which is more often linked to their existing wireless LAN network. Weak wireless signals interfere with the operation of all the wireless devices connected to the network. There are also other factors that will cause interference with wireless signals, including:


Zmodo Beam Smart Hub


  • Devices utilizing an RF range of 2.4 GHz (microwaves and cordless phones)
  • Physical objects (large trees, tall buildings, masonry, and steel walls)
  • Electrical devices (refrigerators, computers, fans, and lighting fixtures)
  • Environmental factors (lightning and dense fog)
  • Indoor obstacles (glass, furniture, paneling, drywall, mirrors, and fish aquariums)


Zmodo Beam Smart Home Hub

The optimal range that the wireless signal can travel will basically depend on the router. In today’s world, most individuals spend a large portion of their time connected to the Internet. This is not to mention the many wireless devices connected to the same network. If you are tired of dealing with dropped signals and dead zones, it may be time to consider investing in the Zmodo Beam Smart Home Hub.

What sets the Zmodo Beam Hub apart from the competitor brand is its embedded Wi-Fi range extender. This feature is capable of extending your current Wi-Fi signal up to 650 feet and 300Mbps. Once you download the Zmodo app to your iOS or android device, you will be able to communicate with all of your Zmodo accessories. The unit has 8 channels, so it will support up to 8 Zmodo sPOE cameras (sold separately), with their own IP address.

The Zmodo Beam Hub and Wi-Fi Extender includes 4 door/window sensors. Users will receive alert notifications every time the sensors are triggered. Just access the app interface to enable the “Push Alerts” function, so the messages will be transmitted to your app-enabled smartphone. This device can be used in conjunction with the Zmodo NVR sPoE Surveillance Systems to boost the Wi-Fi range of your existing network, which in turn will enhance the system’s functionality.

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