Enhance Your Network Security With CUJO – The Smart Security Firewall

By   August 27, 2016

With the recent publicized security hacks, it is even more important to guard your network. In the past, Internet users relied on security software that could be downloaded for free, but after the trail period ends, you are forced to pay a monthly or annual fee. Of course, this service is very effective in blocking viruses and spyware, but the expensive fees make it out of reach for many consumers. Well, now consumers have a much more affordable option available to them. CUJO is an external device that offers protection for all of your connected devices


CUJO Smart Security Firewall


Plug-And-Play Installation

CUJO offers a very simple installation. Just plug the Ethernet cable directly into your Internet router and download the associated app to your iOS or Android device. Complete the initial setup process and instantly receive the protection you need to keep your personal data and connected devices safe from all malicious activity. You will be able to monitor, control, and receive alert notifications from your app-enabled device.

Supports Two Primary Modes

Users will be able to select from the Bridge and DHCP modes. CUJO acts as a DHCP server or client, when the DHCP mode is selected. CUJO sits between the access point and ISP router, when the Bridge mode is selected. This device will adapt accordingly to detect malicious threats and instantly block them, as well as send you a notification that a threat was detected.

The CUJO is a separate device that connects to your router and analyzes all packet data by way of the Cloud. All packet header data is compared to known threats to eliminate potential problems. Also, the device prevents unknown IP addresses from gaining access to your network. Thanks to the device’s 1GB Ethernet functionality, you will never even know that your data is being analyzed. The speeds will remain at the maximum level at all times. The CUJO Smart Firewall combines the most common security solutions for large businesses into a small bundle, which can be utilized in any home.


CUJO is compatible with most Internet routers, bridges, and all ISPs. For more information, you can click on the Amazon link provided below. You will receive a 180-day free trial service and when this expires, you will need to pay a low monthly fee of $8.99.

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