Enhancing The Heating And Cooling System With The Keen Home Smart Vent

By   March 9, 2017

Keen Home, a Smart Home startup, launched its first Smart Home product in November 2015. The Smart Vent System allows users to mange the airflow in every room in their home. It was first available in Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers, with over 35,800 units sold in the first 12 months.


Keen Smart Home Vent

The Smart Vent replaces the existing floor or ceiling vent. According to the company, the vent is capable of controlling and regulating the cooling and heating airflow in the home on a room-by-room level, improving efficiency and comfort.

The embedded temperature sensor helps to improve airflow regulation, while the pressure sensor is capable of measuring air pressure at the point of the vent system.

In August 2016, Keen Home launched its second product, a Smart Filter that attaches to inside of the Smart Vent faceplate. The filter delivers room-by-room purification that is without limitations, cost and noise. Featuring an active carbon layer that is capable of removing odors and eliminating household toxins.

With the companion app, the vents can communicate with each other. Users can also regulate the airflow in the room it is installed and create time schedules for the vents to open and close. Keen home partners with Nest, SmartThings and Ecobee to enhance the functionality of its Smart Vent.

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