Exploring Amazon’s New Smart Home Products – Amazon Tap And Echo Dot

By   March 12, 2016

Amazon recently launched two new home products, Amazon Tap and Amazon Dot Echo. Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker offering voice-assistance from Alexa of Amazon. Alexa served to Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri as Amazon’s response. In fact, Amazon Echo was appreciated for its audio quality and praised for its speech recognition that was more accurate, faster and comprehensive in comparison to its competitors. The Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot are two new devices that are more affordable varieties and the first to introduce a connected home product.

Amazon Tap

Amazon Echo weighs as your Webster dictionary to 1045 grams, the height may be as you stack two soup cans, standing at 9.25″ x 3.27″, 2.5 inch woofer, 7-microphone array, providing voice input from all directions.2.0 tweeter, for treble and bass, reflex port rests to enhance output was positioned above the woofer. Dual-antenna, dual-band, Wi-Fi connectivity, AVRCP to use mobile devices and voice control, but is not OS X devices supported.


Amazon Echo was released in 2015 June. The consumers showed a mixed response as it always enabled Alexa. Echo can be plugged in your living room. It is always on microphone and so you can get the passive experience that we are used to with technology. The need to hold button or an app is not required to switch or flip. Alexa the word is enough to wake up Echo and to follow your instructions. In fact, Echo features a microphone button that offers hands free experience and can be used even if you have turned off the microphone. The Amazon Echo Dot is now available for order at Amazon!


Pros: Quality sound, easy to set up and use, Alexa continuous support, microphones can hear you

Con: Not easy to carry anywhere, requires power continuously, high price



Amazon Tap, another addition from the house of Amazon weighs around 470 grams, the height is as iPhone 6 + ,standing 6.2″ by 2.6″, the battery life is 9 hours, of course with usage it may vary, dual passive radiators featuring Dual Dolby 1.5″ drivers, supports private/public Wi-Fi networks, and also supports WPA,WEP and WPA2 security. It features AVRCP for voice control of the mobile device and A2DP support to enable audio streaming from your mobile device.


Amazon Tap is portable and is smaller than Echo, its predecessor. Moreover, there is no need for the Tap to be plugged to work and so Tap is appropriate to be carried to the park, beach or to anyplace featuring a Wi-Fi connection. It is good for home as well and Tap does not feature a microphone that is always on. However, you need to tap the microphone button to Alexa to speak. Tap also features new buttons to enjoy control on music without Alexa.


Pros: Portable, Alexa support, less expensive,

Cons: Input quality unknown, audio output, always-on microphone is not available



It is not easy to compare both the produce as the crux of their performances is based on Alexa, so now it leaves for consumers to look at hardware and price alone for comparison. Echo is good to have a co-pilot in your living room, while Tap is suitable to people using the device every minute. Be sure to check out the Amazon Tap at Amazon right now!