Exploring The Ways Tenants Can Take Advantage Of Smart Home Tech

By   February 19, 2017

Many renters think that it would be useless to try installing Smart Home gadgets in their apartment or condo. There is always the risk of angering the landlord or violating the lease agreement. However, there are ways to integrate Smart Home tech into your living environment, without taking any risks


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Rental-Friendly Smart Home Gadgets

Turning your dumb condo into a Smart living environment genuinely isn’t that difficult. In fact, there is an unlimited array of rental-friendly Smart Home gizmos on the market for a very affordable price.

Of course, your landlord would not appreciate any tenant swapping out the existing thermostat, lighting fixture or deadbolt. Well, let’s forget about these devices for a minute and focus on gadgets that can be utilized right out of the box, eliminating an installation process. One such product is the Amazon Echo, a Smart speaker that acts as a hub. The Echo is compatible with an array of third-party devices, including Belkin WeMo and IDevices Smart switch, which can automate appliances, electronics and lamps. These devices offer a plug-and-play installation, plugging directly into a 120v electrical receptacle, so there is no need to replace the existing outlet.

Utilizing the smart switch to automate a space heater or air conditioner is a great option for tenants that are willing to compromise. It is important to note that when the Smart switch is turned off, it as if the connected appliance or lamp was unplugged from the electrical outlet. With this said, it is crucial to invest in products with physical controls that will maintain the settings of your choice.


Retrofitting Smart Locks

If the property manager refuses to allow a tenant to swap out the existing deadbolt, then the next best option will be the Kwikset Convert or August Smart Lock. These locks sit over top of the deadbolt, giving it the smartness needed to work with a companion app and smartphone.


Connected LEDs

Set the perfect mood in the apartment, with a Lifx or Philips Hue Smart LED. These rental-friendly bulbs just screw into a conventional light bulb socket. These LEDs work with a companion app and offer an unlimited array of colors and set unique time schedules. Some Smart bulbs will even play music and light up in sequence with the music.


Wireless Cameras

To keep the inside of the apartment secure, there is the option of installing a Piper NV Smart Home Security System. This plug-and-play device delivers a 105 dB audible siren and transmits a text/email alerts to the user’s smartphone, in the event the sensor is triggered.



There are unlimited options for tenants that want to make their dumb apartment Smart. As long as the connected device offers a plug-and-play or retrofit installation. For those looking for a security system that doesn’t require a monthly subscription, utilizing the Wink or SmartThings platform will be your best option. This platform supports door and window sensors, Smart lights and an audible siren.

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