Fibaro The Button Z-Wave Scene Controller Review

By   November 14, 2016

Contrary to believe, not everyone owns a smartphone, but this doesn’t eliminate the desire to invest in Smart Home devices. With the Fibaro The Button Smart Controller, there would not be the need for a smartphone or tablet. It supports Smart Home devices, activating and deactivating each separately. The Button recognizes 1 to 6 actions, including hold down, 1 click, 2 clicks, 3 clicks, 4 clicks, and 5 clicks.


Fibaro The Button Smart Controller

Not only can users switch their Smart devices on and off, but they can also activate and deactivate prescheduled scenes, utilizing The Button. One of the great benefits of The Button is it is battery powered (3.6V battery), so you can transport it all over the home, without worrying about bungled wires. It is only 46mm (1.81”) in diameter and 34mm (1.34”) in height, which makes it a perfect fit for compact spaces. The indoor wireless range is 131’ (40 meters), depending on the building structure and barriers.

The Button synchronizes with most Smart Home networks and supports various third-party Z-Wave hubs, including SmartThings, Homeseer, Vera, Clare, Home Center 2, and Nexia. Do not fret about the device incorporating into your home decor, because there are multiple color variations (blue, red, white, black, orange, yellow, brown and green) available.

Just install the device to any flat surface, by removing the paper strip and begin to enjoy the better things in life. The Button is great for senior citizens and couch potatoes. It is also the perfect remote control for any Smart Home, plus it is a very secure device that will keep on giving for an extremely long time.

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