Fisher-Price Deluxe Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper With Smart Connect Review

By   March 14, 2017

A newborn can be very demanding and sometimes difficult to please. Getting a break, while the infant is calm is a parent’s dream, but it doesn’t happen too often. However, there is a solution and that is the Fisher-Price Deluxe Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. This sleeper is very unique, in that it can be remotely controlled from a smartphone.

The sleeper is designed to provide comfort, incline and support, plus it is extra-deep, so the active infant cannot wiggle out seat. It is also foldable for easy storage and portability, but this is only the beginning. The gentle rocking motion and soothing music will put the infant to sleep every time, giving parents a little “me” time.


Fisher-Prince Deluxe Rock 'N Play Sleeper With Smart Connect

The fact that the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper can be remotely controlled, parents will have more freedom to move around. From the Smart Connect app, parents will be able to customize the perfect environment for their little one, controlling sounds, music, vibrations, rocking motion and volume. Also, preset the length of nighttime rocking and naptime.

Don’t worry if you do not have a smartphone, because all the innovative actions can be controlled right from the backlit control panel.

Final Word

The Fisher-Prince Deluxe Auto Rock ’n Play Sleeper is the solution to a fussy newborn and exhausted parent. The Smart technologies embedded into the device and companion app will offer hands-free control from anywhere in the home. In fact, all the controls can be set and adjusted directly from the companion app, without disturbing the infant.

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