Focalcrest Unveils Smart Home Hub That Will Integrate Z-Wave And ZigBee-Enabled Products Into HomeKit

By   January 14, 2017

Focalcrest, a provider of IoT intelligent hardware solutions, unveiled its first ever Smart Home Hub, Mixtile. The Mixtile Hub will create a bridge from existing Z-Wave to ZigBee-enabled gadgets, the most popular Home Automation protocols, to the HomeKit ecosystem. What this will mean for ZigBee and Z-Wave customers is they will be able to view their existing interconnected products in the Home app, even though the gadgets were not originally designed to work for HomeKit.


Focalcrest Mixtile Smart Home Hub

Focalcrest unveiled its Mixtile Hub at CES 2017 in January. According to the company, its hub is MFi certified, which ensures a high level of reliability and compatibility. The company also claims the hub will allow consumers to easily integrate their existing Smart Home products into the HomeKit platform.

Most people are bridging their interconnected devices with an open-source home server app, which an imitation of the HomeKit API. Apple may soon outmode the app, but this will not affect the Mextile Hub, since it has an official MFi license.

Millions of Smart Home networks have been created on ZigBee and Z-Wave high-level communication protocols. HomeKit continues to grow every day, so it has a bit of catching up to do. The Mixtile Hub will allow consumers to mesh these systems into the HomeKit platform. The HomeKit integration offers a wide range of advantages, with the Siri control being the most notable.

The Mixtile Hub uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, with HomeKit interoperability support for Smart Locks, motion detectors, lighting fixtures, thermostats, cameras and doorbells.

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