Fuleadture Bluetooth Speaker Review

By   September 1, 2016

Bluetooth-enabled devices are being introduced to the market each and every day. It seems that consumers are always excited to see a new brand and are more than willing to put them to the test. The Fuleadture Bluetooth Speaker rolled out on the market in July 2016 and it appears to be fairing very well. Even though this is not your typical Smart speaker, it is capturing the eye of many consumers, especially those with small children.


Fuleadture Bluetooth Speaker


Notable Features

The only true way to compare the Fuleadture with other brands is by breaking down each feature and studying it carefully.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 – The embedded Bluetooth 4.0 chip acts as a gateway, allowing the speaker to connect with existing Internet routers and third-party devices. The Bluetooth range of 33’ is quite extensive, when compared to other wireless devices.
  • LEDs – The LEDs can alternate through 7 color variations and 4 brightness/dimness levels, including dim, low, intermediate, and high brightness. Adjusting the dimness level is as easy as touching the top of the unit (embedded with a touch sensor). Fuleadture can be transformed from a speaker into a nightlight for young children.
  • MP3 Player – The micro SD card slot allows you to load the TF card from your MP3 player, so you can listen to your favorite tunes or audio books, while relaxing or studying. You can pair Fuleadture with your smartphone or tablet and listen to the music stored on the device.
  • Alarm Clock – You can preset alarm times by utilizing the buttons and display, located on the bottom of the front panel. The red LEDs offer visibility from a short distance and will not interfere with your sleep. The audible alarm is actually a calming melody. Select “sleep mode”, when you are ready to fall to sleep, so the speaker and light will automatically switch off in 20 minutes.
  • 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery – must be charged for 2-4 hours to receive the maximum runtime of 15 hours for low lighting, 11 hours of music play, and 7 hours for high lighting. The battery is recharged utilizing the USB cable, which is included in the package.
  • Speakerphone – offers totally hands-free call answering.

Overall Assessment

The Fuleadture does not utilize a mobile app, just Bluetooth wireless communication. This basically means that you cannot control or monitor the device from your smartphone or tablet. However, many consumers will still find its functionality and usability extremely sufficient for their needs. Even though the device only measures in at 113mm H X 86mm D, it packs a powerful little speaker that will emit a loud, quality sound. For the price, you will not beat Fuleadture, plus it will make the perfect first Bluetooth-enabled speaker for a young child.

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