Google Launches New IoT Device Operating System – Android Things

By   December 21, 2016

Google has been working on its IoT strategy, but they have a bit of catching up to do. With the recent launch of the Android Things, a new operating system for Smart devices, Google just may be a step ahead in the game.


Google Android Things OS


Microsoft has been pushing its Windows 10 IoT platform to device manufactures, OEMs and hobbyists. Amazon has also joined the race, making its AWS Lambda available to connected device developers, even though it doesn’t have an IoT operating system. AWS is establishing partnerships with device makers to bundle Lambda Greengrass, which can easily be integrated into Smart Home hubs and other IoT devices.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon, the mainstream cloud providers, are counting on the IoT strategy to gain popularity for their cloud platforms. Google’s new IoT device OS is its latest attempt to bring Smart devices and cloud closer together.

Android Things is being classified as a new OS, but it is actually a rebranded version of the operating system Google unveiled in 2015, Brillo. The development and deployment experience for Google Brillo was a lot different than regular Android, even though its core was Android. This is mainly because it used C++ as the development environment, unlike Android Things, which targets both skilled and unskilled Java developers.

Experienced developers using Android Things will be able to speed up the development process, since the OS supports the protocols and tools of the original Android software development kit (SDK).

The great benefit of using Android Things OS for network-connected devices is it performs in the background, so it cannot actually be seen. This allows the connected device to operate more efficiently, while handling more arduous tasks. Just because Android is present in Android Things, it still cannot run in Android Wear devices or Smart light bulbs. Its capabilities are so much bigger, making it more suitable for Smart Locks and appliances.

Android Things is integrated with Weave, a communication platform launched by Google in 2015, along with Brillo. Weave is used to integrate the OS with iOS and Android devices.

Google Brillo had many limitations, but Android Things is looking more promising. However, it will depend on the developers to make the final determination.

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