Google Partners With Gupshup To Develop Voice-Activated Features For Google Assistant

By   December 10, 2016

Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa, voice-automated intuitive personal assistances, leaving Google with Assistant. Echo has been one of Amazon’s most profitable Smart-Connected products, with Google scampering to catch up. Thursday, Gupshup announced its partnership with Google, which will entail building voice-activated actions for the Google Assistant.


Google Home Smart Speaker

Google Home


Gupshup’s cross-channel bot platform allows developers to build custom chat bot functionality easier and faster. VentureBeat, a news organization, will be available to Google Home customers later this month. The partnership will advance Gupshup further into the Home Automation market, which is expected to reach over $78 billion by 2022 (source: MarketsandMarkets).

“The bot landscape has grown exponentially in the past year, enabling a world where intelligent conversational interfaces will soon be all around us: at work, at home, on every one of our devices and appliances,” said Beerud, Sheth CEO of Gupshup, in a prepared statement. “We are proud to be one of the first developer platforms to join Actions on Google and VentureBeat in taking this monumental step toward simplifying home automation.”

Developers will also have access to to create voice-activated actions. Google purchased, an innovative bot engine with a variety of integrations, in September. The new Google Assistant bots will be launched in 2017 on Pixel smartphones and Allo. Users will just need to say, “OK Google _____” to launch the Google Home bots.

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