Google Publishes Patent For Upcoming Smart Crib

By   June 30, 2016

As a parent, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, not to worry about your child’s safety. Even your child’s crib can present some risks. Despite various regulations being imposed on baby crib manufacturers, they’re still somewhat unsafe and many are recalled each and every year. Google, which has rarely taken an interest in parents or babies, has now shifted their focus to cribs. Of course, a crib wouldn’t be a Google Crib, without a few technological advancements here and there. Google has published a brand new patent, which forecasts their intention to line a single crib with numerous monitoring devices.

google crib

The smart crib will feature an array of sensors and cameras, which will be able to keep track of the child’s condition, as well as the environment. Want to monitor your child’s weight and movements from your bedroom? How about the room’s carbon monoxide levels and temperature? Google’s smart crib will make this futuristic desire a possibility, but it doesn’t stop there. Google also intends to outfit the crib with microphones, which will allow the caretaker to keep an ear out for the baby’s cries. Within the patent application, Google insisted their design would be safe, since the sensors are directly integrated into the crib. Undoubtedly, this would be substantially safer than introducing foreign objects onto the top or side of the child’s crib.

And, Google’s expectations for their crib continue to impress. The company wants the crib to be able to respond to the child’s movements. According to the patent, the crib would make it possible for parents to integrate an entertainment device into the cribbing. Once the crib detects the child’s cries, it’ll actually begin playing a song from said entertainment device, in order to soothe the child’s fears. Or, it could project a cartoon onto the ceiling. The possibilities are truly endless, but parents will undoubtedly love the idea of a smart crib, especially if Google happens to be involved.

Unfortunately, it needs to be noted that the patent was originally filed sometime in late 2014, which was before Google was transformed into Alphabet. And, since Google has acquired Nest, it is almost certain that the smart crib would fall into Nest’s lap. Just remember that a patent doesn’t mean a product will actually come to fruition. Although Google’s crib is definitely impressive and would provide parents with the reassurance they desire and deserve, it may unfortunately never come into existence. Nonetheless, it may encourage other companies to take note and implement the ideas into their own smart products!