Hexoskin Biometric Smart Shirt Review

By   January 9, 2016

Your health is one of the most important things that you have to monitor. You can work out everyday, but if you do not monitor your heart rate and lung activity, how do you really know what is going on inside of your body? With all the recent advances in technology, there are tons of products on the market that can monitor these things for you, but none of them will compare to the Hexoskin Biometric Shirt.

hexoskin smart shirt

This will be the first biometric shirt to ever hit the market that will let you measure your body’s performance in any situation. It does not matter if you are running, walking, or sleeping, because you can wear this comfortable shirt, while it is precisely monitoring your heart and lung activity. Once the shirt tracks your body’s activity, it can then be transferred to your smartphone, which can be viewed anytime on your app enabled device.

The recordings will be stored on Hexoskin’s app and you can even share them with your personal trainer or doctor. The shirt is machine washable, so you can wash the shirt as many times as needed. The Hexoskin shirt is made of Spandex and polyamide micro-Italian fabric, which is utilized by NASA and the United States military.

The rechargeable battery offers a run time of around 17-34 hours on each charge, so you will never be forced to halt your activities, just to recharge. The


  • Very comfortable shirt to wear for any occasion
  • Monitors, tracks, and records heart/lung activity, calories burned, distance, and sleep pattern
  • Uploads you data to secure server, where it can be viewed by yourself or others
  • iOS and Android compatible (apps are free)
  • Battery powered and charges very quickly using a USB cable
  • Compatible with third-party apps (Polar Beat, Argus, RunKeeper, Strava)
  • Integrated with Bluetooth Technology
  • Available in all male or female sizes and sleeveless or long-sleeve style


  • A fairly expensive product

Overall Assessment

If you are concerned about odors and bacteria buildup, you should not. The material is embedded with antibacterial and anti-odor technologies, so you can wear it for an extremely long time, without issue. You can hand or machine wash the shirt, but do not toss it in the dryer, because this could potentially alter the technologies integrated into the fabric.

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