Honeywell Lyric Smart Round 2nd Generation Thermostat, With HomeKit and Alexa Review

By   October 3, 2016

Honeywell, an American company founded in 1906 by Mark C. Honeywell. The company has risen from a small heating specialty business to one of the most successful Fortune 100 companies. Honeywell continues to produce products that many people are drawn to because of their intuitive technological design. The Honeywell Lyric Smart 2nd Generation Thermostat is just one of the company’s Smart Home devices that is worth mentioning.


Honeywell Lyric Round 2nd Generation Smart Thermostat



Geofencing is embedded into various types of software programs, utilizing RFID or GPS. It is capable of defining geographical boundaries. Geofencing, utilized in mobile and wireless devices, allows users to set up boundaries, so every time the (GPS-enabled) device exits/enters the virtual barrier a notification will be transmitted via text or email. The Lyric will utilize your smartphone or tablet’s GPS to determine your precise location, so when you enter the virtual barrier that you previous created, it will automatically switch on your heating and air conditioning unit.


The 2nd Generation Lyric Smart Thermostat supports various third-party company devices, including:

  • SmartThings
  • Amazon Echo
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Weatherbug Home
  • Most brand heat pumps and heating/cooling systems (C wire optional)
  • Some humidifiers, ventilators, and dehumidifiers

The Lyric app is available on Android and iOS for tablets and phones. The app is embedded with various features that will enhance the thermostat’s functionality. The HomeKit and Alexa integration provides users with voice-control capabilities. However, the Amazon Echo or Apple TV is a requirement for enabling the remote voice command feature.


Overall, the Honeywell Lyric Round Smart Thermostat will be a great addition to any Smart Home. However, the app needs to be updated to provide users with more support with the installation and set up processes, and troubleshooting. The Alexa integration works flawlessly, but the HomeKit configuration requires a bit of knowhow. Lyric’s unique circular touchscreen display will definitely draw attention from all angles. To make manual temperature adjustments and schedules, just rotate the dial and confirm the setting by utilizing the touchscreen. You can also do this from the app interface, using your smartphone.

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