Honeywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat, With Apple HomeKit & Alexa Compatibilities

By   October 4, 2016

Honeywell has worked diligently over the past few years, increasing their Smart Home product line. With the development of each new Smart device, Honeywell is able to gain experience and enhance their skills. The company has been on a roll recently, launching new Smart Thermostats at least every few months. Well, here comes yet another Smart Thermostat, but this time Honeywell has decided to add Apple HomeKIt and Amazon Echo support.


Honeywell T5 Smart Thermostat


Lyric T5

The Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat is very unique in design, with a black faceplate/touchscreen display. The digits are bright white and large enough to see from a distance. Homeowners can make temperature, time, and mode adjustments directly from the thermostat or the app interface. Once the Lyric T5 app is downloaded to the iOS or Android device, users will be able to control the thermostat with voice commands.

The Amazon Echo is required for the Alexa integration and Apple TV or iOS 10 Home app is required for the Siri integration. Once the implementation is executed, homeowners will be able to utilize voice control, when they are at home or away.


Geofencing software utilizes GPS or RFID, embedded into smartphones and tablets to determine geographical boundaries. When applied to Smart Home devices, it allows users to create virtual boundaries around their property line. When the phone or tablet enters and exits the virtual boundary, the Smart device will automatically switch on or off. In this case of the Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat, when the geofencing-enabled device enters the virtual barrier, the thermostat will automatically turn on the heating and air conditioning system, so the home can warm or cool according to the preset temperature setting.


Lyric T5 is scheduled to hit the shelves some time in October 2016. If you are interested in investing in this device or the Echo, be sure to click on the Amazon link listed below.

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