Honeywell Will Unveil Smart Home Technology During UAE Innovation Week

By   November 20, 2016

UAE Innovation Week is set to take off Sunday, November 20 and will run until November 26, 2016. The event is one of the largest innovation initiatives in the world, showcasing innovative services and products, with interactive workshops and labs for all age groups. Many technology companies, scientists, and innovators will take to the stage to present their ideas to the UAE government, and business and public sector.

Honeywell Lyric Round 2nd Generation Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Lyric Round Smart Thermostat

Norm Gilsdorf, Honeywell’s President for Russia, Central Asia, and Middle East regions, will be a keynote speaker. Gilsdorf will unveil an extraordinary Smart Technology that can be incorporated into the building, industrial, transportation and healthcare industry. Honeywell Home and Building Technologies (HBT) will play a huge role in helping transform United Arab Emirates into a futuristic, energy efficient Smart country.

Smart connectivity is the key to creating an environmental friendly world, but it will require every government entity, business and commoner to make it possible. Honeywell will also present the winners of its Smart Building Score Awards, including the “Smartest” building in Qatar, Kuwait, and UAE.

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