Hubble Connected Establishes Partnership With Pilot Labs For The Development Of Smart Monitors

By   January 4, 2017

Hubble Connected, a Binatone cloud video platform, will partner with Pilot Labs to develop a series of Smart monitors. The HUGO Smart camera and IVO Smart viewer are integrated with Alexa voice software, providing users with hands-free controllability. Users will also have access to a variety of entertainment and content services, including news, weather reports and audiobooks, along with popular music streaming services. HUGO can also make personal phone calls and control your Smart TV.


Motorola Focus Series Smart Cameras


The Hugo Smart Monitor is equipped with a motorized “eye lid”, which can be remotely closed from anywhere. The HUGO monitors and IVO Smart viewer and integrated hub are compatible with other Hubble Connected devices and products. The monitors are suitable for nurseries, pet environments and anywhere in the home.

The Hubble Connected platform features state-of-the-art software and hardware, including voice recognition, pet tracking and artificial intelligence.

“Including advanced video analytics capabilities in our Hubble Connected monitors for both baby and home is the next step in providing our users with an outstanding services experience at affordable prices. New privacy features are in response to our customers’ demand for the highest level of safety and security,” said Dino Lalvani, Chairman and CEO of Hubble Connected. “ With Pilot Labs’ extensive research and experience in the world of AI and intelligent voice control, they are the ideal partner for us in this exciting new family of monitors.”

Hubble Connected will showcase its HUGO Smart Monitor And IVO Smart Viewer at CES 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Sands Expo in Tech West – Booth #44354

Pilot Labs will also be exhibiting at CES 2017, as well.

  • Sands Expo in Tech West – Booth #41163

In 2014, Hubble joined Binatone, an official Motorola licensee, for more enhanced IoT solutions. A variety of Motorola products and devices will be showcased at CES 2017, including the Motorola Orbit Smart Home monitor, Motorola Smart Nursery baby monitors, Motorola VerveLife wearables and Motorola Signature Series portable speakers.

To learn more about Motorola Focus Series Smart Baby Monitors, please click on the following Amazon link.