iCODIS CB-100 Pico Projector Smart Home Theater Review

By   May 11, 2016

Home entertainment is a big part of many households these days. Everyone loves to gather around, as a family and enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Thanks to technology, people are now enjoying movies and TV shows on their smartphones, laptops, and iPads. Unfortunately, many of these devices do not provide a big enough screen for 2 people to really enjoy watching a show together. This is where the CB-100 Pico Smart Home Theater can come in handy. This is truly a great product that has changed the home entertainment world for the better.

icodis smart projector

User Friendly Design

The CB-100 works somewhat like the traditional projector, but it produces an image like nothing you have ever seen before. Thanks to the wireless technology embedded into this device, users do not even have to connect a mobile device directly to the CB-100 to view their photos, movies, or TV shows. Different files can be transferred to a micro SD card and inserted inside the CB-100 for easy viewing purposes.

Screen Mirroring Technology

Just imagine, if you are hosting a party and have tons of photos on your phone that you want to share, but passing your phone around to all of your guests would be impractical. This is where the screen mirroring option comes in handy. All you have to do is tap the “screen mirroring” icon and everything can be streamed right to the CB-100 for live viewing purposes.

Cinema-Grade Picture Quality

This device is so lightweight and compact that it can be carried anywhere you go. You basically have a portable home entertainment system with you at all times, but do not let the small size fool you. The CB-100 is capable of producing a staggering 854 X 480 pixel picture quality. If you want to enjoy the device without disturbing anyone, you can connect your headphones to CB-100 and enjoy all by yourself. However, if you want to share this wonderful device with friends and family, you can connect your desktop or computer speakers to increase the noise resolution. Below, you will learn about the most notable specifications for the CB-100 Smart Home Theater.


  • View shows, photos, and movies wirelessly
  • Transfer files to the micro SD card to share them with others
  • Very lightweight and compact design
  • Produces a 854 X 480 pixel picture quality
  • Enjoy with headphones or desktop speakers

Overall Assessment

Everyone enjoys watching a good movie or TV show with friends and family. With the CB-100, you and your friends can enjoy photo sharing, TV shows or movies at any time from just about anywhere in the world. This device is truly a portable home entertainment system that is worth the investment.

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