iDevices Outdoor Switch Review

By   May 20, 2016

Every homeowner wants the outside of their home to look great. You spend hours on top of hours decorating, planting flowers, and putting up lights. Maybe you have a backyard area, where you like to gather friends and watch sporting events. Whatever the situation may be, you probably go out of your way to make sure your lawn looks great. With this being said, controlling all of the outdoor electrical devices can be quite a difficult task. What if you could have complete control over these devices, so you can have more freedom to enjoy spending time with your family and friends? Well, that is exactly what the iDevices Outdoor Switch can offer you, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Easy Installation Process

To start off, this Smart plug is very easy to install and even easier to use. It basically just involves 4 easy steps, plugging it into an 110v electrical outlet, plugging the devices in, downloading the associated iDevices Connected app on your iPhone, and then pairing the switch with the existing Internet router. Once you complete these steps, you will have complete control over the electrical devices from anywhere in the world. For instance, say that you are out of town, you can access your app enabled device and turn on the outdoor light, so that your home gives the appearance that it is currently occupied.

HomeKit Technology

Apple’s HomeKit is very intuitive technology, because it is capable of converting any traditional Smart Home device into a voice automated device. This way users can verbally command Siri, Apple’s assistant to perform an unlimited array of actions. For instance, you can request Siri to “dim the lights or switch off the ceiling fan”, this is definitely much more convenient than accessing the iDevices Connected app every time.

Dual Outlets

The iDevices outdoor switch has dual outlets, so you have the option of controlling multiple devices simultaneously. If for some reason you cannot find your source device, you can manually turn the switch on and off, using the button located on the side of the switch. This feature will definitely come in handy, when there is an Internet outage in your vicinity.

Durability Rating

The switch has been put through rugged outdoor testing to ensure its durability. It is designed to endure temperatures between -4-122 degrees Fahrenheit. The exterior shell is completely sealed to prevent moisture damage, so you can utilize the switch during all 4 seasons without issue.

User Friendly Interface  

The iDevices Connected app will not only guide through the entire set up and pairing process, but it will offer you remote monitoring and control. You can create scheduled scenes, remotely turn the switch on/off, and monitor energy consumption via the app. The app interface is very user friendly and contains various icons that are self-explanatory.

Notable Specifications

  • Connect to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Weather and waterproof design
  • Very easy installation process
  • Dual outlets
  • Compatible with iOS 8.1 or later and Apple TV 3rd generation or later
  • Integrated with Apple’s HomeKit Technology

Overall Assessment

The iDevices Outdoor Switch is designed with the party host and homeowner in mind. The rugged construction allows it to remain outside all year long. The only downsides that can be found with this device are the fact that Siri does not work, when you are away from home and the outlets cannot be controlled separately. If you own an Apple TV, you very well can utilize Siri from anywhere around the globe.

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