IDevices Releases New Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit That Works With Apple HomeKit And Amazon Alexa

By   September 22, 2016

Millions of homeowners have already taken the steps to transform their home into a Smart home. The Smart-Connected network allows the homeowner to connect their wireless devices to the Internet, so they can communicate with each other. This technology also gives users the ability to control all of these devices with the use of a standalone app. Thanks to iDevices, the HomeKit and Alexa voice-automated assistant software have been united to enhance functionality.


iDevices Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit


What Is Included In The Starter Kit

The iDevices Home Essentials Kit includes three light bulb sockets, five light switches, and two outdoor switches. This Smart Home Essentials system is very unique, in that it does not require an external bridge or hub. Each purchase comes with free Concierge Service, which allows homeowners to connect with Smart Home experts, tutorials, promotions, and schedule in-home appointments.

The central control is the iDevices mobile app, providing users with remote control and voice command capabilities. The starter kit serves as a basic platform in which homeowners will have the option of expanding in the future. As of right now, the kit requires iOS9, but the company is working on Android compatibility, as we speak. The iDevices Home Essentials Kit requires no Cloud service or a signed contract.

If you are interested in the iDevices Smart Home Essentials Starter Kit, be sure to click on the Amazon link provided below.

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