iHome iSP6 And iSP8 Smart Plugs Are Now Available At Leading Retailers Nationwide

By   December 1, 2016

A leading provider of Smart connected products, iHome, recently announced that the innovative iSP6 and iSP8 Smart Plugs and iSPR4 Remote Control would be available at retailers nationwide. Up until now, these products were only available through the company’s online store. This expansion is an attempt to make the iHome Control product line accessible to consumers.


iHome iSPR4 Remote Control

iHome interconnected Smart Plugs can be controlled right from the user’s smartphone, using the iHome app. If you want to add more convenience to the mix, you can invest in the iHome iSPR4 Remote Control. The Remote is capable of activating the Smart Plugs up to 35 feet away to offer more flexibility and convenience.

The iHome app user interface is embedded with a variety of features, plus it can be remotely controlled (can be controlled globally), without the need of a separate gateway. These devices have only recently been upgraded with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit integrations. This upgrade allows users to control the compliant devices with a single voice command.

The installation process is as simple as plugging the Smart Plug into a 120 VAC power outlet. One Smart Plug is capable of supporting up to 1800 watts of small appliances. Consumers will have full control of these devices, eliminating the need for monthly subscriptions and fees.

To learn more about the iHome Control Smart devices, be sure to click on the following amazon link.