Indiegogo Campaign: Turn Your Bed Into A Smart Bed With Juvo

By   November 17, 2015

Juvo Labs is a technology company that has initiated a new Indiegogo campaign to request financial support for their innovative Juvo. So far the campaign has earned $20,121 from 53 backers and it appears that it will be successful, since there is 39 days left to reach the $50,000 goal.

Juvo Indiegogo

Juvo will allow the user to track and manage their sleep patterns each night. With no wearables to restrict your movement or disturb your sleep, the results will be more accurate. The Juvo sensor mat slides underneath the mattress and will continuously monitor your vitals (pulse), movement, room temperature, sleep pattern (REM/NREM), and respirations throughout the night.

All of this is possible with the Fiber-Optic based technology, which is integrated into the patented sensor mat. This technology utilizes light attenuation to determine the amount of pressure on the sensor. One hundred pressure measurements are taken every second and by analyzing the amount of blood being pumped through the arteries and the amount of air pushed through the lungs on each inhalation/exhalation, the pulse and respiration rates can be determined accurately.


The Juvo bedside unit is integrated with the Smart and Wi-Fi technology, so it can communicate with your Fitbit, iOS, or Android device. You can also integrate it with the Apple HealthKit app, so you can track your overall personal health, in a much more efficient manner. The unit also has a built-in white sound conditioner, which is capable of producing sound inducing soundscapes and blocking out external noises.

If you own the Nest Thermostat, you are in luck, because the Juvo is compatible with this device. These two devices can assist in keeping your home environment the perfect temperature, so you can get a restful night’s sleep.

Overall, you will find the Juvo very helpful in managing and tracking your sleep pattern. It can potentially help you determine the issues that are disrupting and altering your circadian rhythm, which is the human internal body clock.

You can reserve your Juvo today, by visiting the Indiegogo website. You will save 30%, if you preorder, today for $139.