Interactive Voice Response Technology May Just Be The Driving Force Behind Smart Home Technology

By   November 6, 2016

Since, the first Smart device rolled out on the market, tech companies have worked diligently to enhance their functionality. With this said, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology may just be the driving force behind the Smart devices. Just look at Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, two amazing virtual assistants that are controlled by speech recognition. The future of Smart Technology has been questionable as of recent, with all the talk about security vulnerability. However, many analysts have a lot of confidence that it will continue to increase in popularity.



Nucleus Smart Intercom

Nucleus Smart Home Intercom

Despite the hysteria over Smart device security vulnerability, most thieves are not going to take the time to hack your door lock, thermostat, or security system. According to law enforcement agencies throughout the nation, most home invasions are linked to unlocked or broken windows and doors. Homes with installed wireless security systems are less likely to get burglarized, because criminals are not going to risk getting detected, just to score a few quality items. Most online hacks are linked to phishing and home wireless networks that are not password protected.

Smart Home services and devices, with IVR Technology will potentially attract new customers. Just the thought of having the ability to control a Smart Home system, utilizing voice automation is exciting in itself. This technology will be the brain in the Smart interface, enhancing functionality and providing users with a more rewarding experience. According to research, 600 million Smart-Connected devices will ship annually by 2021, which is a huge increase from the 2015 40 million.

Tech companies and startups are reaching out to new markets as we speak, so these devices will be accessible to global consumers in the future. Many of these companies have already reached out to Google, Apple, and Amazon to integrate with their voice control platforms.

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