Introducing The First Smart Ceiling Lamp – KNBOR Smart Lamp

By   October 31, 2016

In today’s world, lighting fixtures, appliances, and other home products need to keep up with the busy person’s lifestyle to even be considered worthy. Manufacturers are working diligently to design and develop products that will fit this agenda. Smart Home Technology has taken off at lightning speeds, because it provides users with one-touch control. In fact, consumers are beginning to invest in Smart Home devices, enticing technology companies to delve in further into this innovative technology.


KNBOR Smart LED Lamp


KNBOR Smart Lamp

Smart outlets, switches, and dimmers have already influenced consumers to take the plunge. These devices replace existing units and are controlled from smartphones and tablets, utilizing a mobile web app. The Wemo Smart Light Switch is compatible with most lighting fixtures, including ceiling fans, recessed lighting, and porch lights. While, these devices provide consumers with an immense amount of convenience and piece of mind, the KNBOR Smart Lamp may be able to offer much more.

KNBOR is a white LED ceiling light, integrated with a 2.4Ghz wireless module. This module provides mesh-networking capability for personal area networks. By accessing the associated app, users will be able to adjust brightness level and create their own custom lighting scenes, so the light syncs to their favorite tunes. Choose from millions of colors to set the mood, utilizing the built-in mood modes, embedded in the app. Toss that annoying alarm clock out the window and wakeup to a beautiful light that mimics the sun.

As most people know, LEDs utilize significantly less energy than conventional light bulbs and produce no UV radiation or heat. Healthy lighting is the ultimate choice for a healthier, safer, and natural living environment.

With 19 days to go, the KNBOR team has raised $33,990 from 73 backers. If you are interested in learning more about the KNBOR Smart Lamp, be sure to visit the associated KICKSTARTER campaign page. As of now, the delivery date is scheduled for June 2017.