Introducing The Hayo Hub With Gesture Control Capabilities

By   February 20, 2017

The Hayo Hub, an innovative idea that launched on Indiegogo, utilizes a patented spatial analysis technology to create remote control combinations for the home network. The hub is capable of sensing the user’s unique context, including proactive gestures and passive movement, with a sensing distance ranging from 1.31 to 19.7 feet. These actions are then utilized to create unique and useful control for specific connected devices. The system will eventually learn the family’s behaviors, so the embedded artificial intelligence can meet the needs of the family more effectively.


Hayo Smart Hub

Hayo features a 3D sensor that will not risk the family’s privacy, like microphones, recording and cameras. The embedded advanced motion analysis software is updated in the background and stored in the clod to offer more efficiency. The Automatic Repositioning Technology is capable of remembering the home environment, even if it is moved from one place to another. Last, but not least is the Infrared Technology that operates in low light conditions.

Hayo utilizes a Wi-Fi radio module to communicate to the wireless router. With the companion app and Wi-Fi connection, users will be able to link Hayo to their connected home products effortlessly. Once virtual controls are created, users will be able to skip the app and easily access the controls they created.

Hayo not only senses passive motion and other intentional gestures, but it is also able to adapt controls and support the family in the most sensible ways. Instead of only relying on security video clips to trap burglars, users will have the ability to create security safe zones in their home. When the safety zones are tripped, a push notification will be sent the family’s smartphone or tablet.

The company hopes that Hayo will be as popular as the Amazon Echo and Google Hub. However, with such a late start, Hayo will have a bit of catching up to do.

The Hayo Smart Home Hub is available for preorder on the Indiegogo website. For further information, visit the company’s campaign page.