Introducing The Nuvending Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike Lock

By   November 27, 2016

Bike theft is a common problem throughout the nation. Many avid bikers will spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new bike, just to have it stolen at some point. This is a momentous loss that could have been avoided, if only the bike had been equipped with a Smart Lock. There are various brands on the market, with each having its own unique design and features. However, if you are looking for an affordable bicycle Smart Lock, you should consider the Nulock.


Nuvending Nulock Smart Bike Lock

Nulock Smart Bike Lock

Nulock is very unique, in that it will emit an 110dB audible sound, if a thief tinkers with the unit, attempts to break the chain or remove the battery. This will alert everyone in the vicinity of the theft and scare the thief away. The audible alarm will only be initiated when the app-enabled device is not within the Bluetooth range. In this case, it will send you a message via email or SMS. Messages are also initiated, when the battery power (battery lasts 8-months, based on daily use) reaches a low level. You can also check the battery level at any time, by accessing the app user interface or using the LED battery indicator (lights up blue, when the battery level reaches 20 percent).

The braided chain is constructed out of ABS plastic, copper and steel and measures 0.4” in diameter to ensure durability. It is 31” in length, making it suitable for motorcycles, gates and bicycles. The unit has a splash resistant design and it will operate in temperatures between -14-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The remote keyless system allows the user to lock/unlock Nulock, when they are within Bluetooth range.

Overall Assessment

The Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Lock is a quality device, with a very user-friendly interface. While, the lock does not have all the features of an expensive Smart Bike Lock, it will aid in protecting you from becoming the next bike theft victim.

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