iRobot Roomba 980 Smart Vacuum Review

By   December 9, 2015

House cleaning, especially vacuuming can become a very grueling and boring chore. If you are sick of vacuuming up those pet hairs, food crumbs, and tiny dust particles, you should invest in a self-sufficient iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum cleaner.

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Notable Specifications:

  • Recharges automatically without directives
  • Integrated with iAdapt 2.0 navigation, which allows for multi-room cleaning
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • AeroForce cleaning system offers three stages of cleaning
  • Low profile (3.6″ H) is perfect for vacuuming underneath furniture
  • Integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Battery life of 2-hours
  • Includes a 30-Day money back guarantee and 1-Year limited warranty
  • Replaceable HEPA filters (4 included in package)
  • Side brushes prevent wall and furniture damage (4 included in package)

When you receive your Roomba 980, you will need to take the time to download the iRobot HOME app to your source device and complete the initial setup. The app will automatically find your Wi-Fi network and allow you to create cleaning schedules for Roomba to follow. Of course, you do not want to forget to personalize your new iRobot, by giving him a name.

Do not worry if you lose Roomba, because you can open up the app and click on the “Locate Roomba” feature to find it in a matter of seconds. You will receive notifications via your app enabled device, when maintenance is required, which will include extractor replacements.

The Carpet Boost feature will suction up the smallest debris from the depths of your carpet. The 10x air power makes the 980 so much more powerful than the 880, which is a huge improvement in the iRobot’s suctioning capabilities. The Roomba 980 will acclimate to your home over time, thanks to the iAdapt camera. While the vacuum is cleaning, it will be building and updating a map of each room in your home that it personally created.

Roomba’s cleaning system utilizes a combination of three cleaning actions including agitation, brushing, and suctioning. The spinning side brushes is designed to protect your wallboards, furniture, and woodwork from becoming damaged, when Roomba bumps into them. Once the 980 becomes acclimated to each room in your home, obstacle bumping will occur less and less often.

When the debris bin becomes full, the indicator light will remind you that it is needs emptied. The only downside to this is that the Roomba will not send you a notification on your source device, which would have been a much more convenient way to alert you of a  full bin.

Do not fret, if you have stairs in your home, because Roomba 980 is integrated with 6 cliff sensors that will alert the vacuum that there is no floor surface ahead. Once the vacuum has completed its cleaning task for the day, it will sent you a notification via your source device. It will also return to the dock station, when a recharge is required and after the cleaning schedule is complete.

Overall, the iRobot Roomba 980 is very energy efficient, compact, and offers a superior clean carpet or hard floor surface every single time. You must be patient with your new Roomba, because it does take around 7-14 days to map out each room completely.

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