Keen Home Smart Vent Review

By   December 24, 2016

Thousands of homes around the globe are now connected to a cloud-based Smart Home platform. The platform allows the homeowner to activate the connected devices from a smartphone, computer or tablet, with an accompanied app and Wi-Fi connection. Consumers are drawn to Smart Locks, thermostats, light bulbs, cameras and doorbells more than the other available options.


Keen Home Smart Vent


Smart Thermostat

The HVAC system utilizes the most electricity in a home setting, compared to large appliances. The Smart thermostat has definitely enhanced the HVAC system in more ways than one. Not only does the device regulate the ambient temperature in a home, but it also increases the efficiency of the entire HVAC system, reducing energy waste. The accompanied app enhances the thermostat’s functionality, by offering an array of features that can be adjusted, while at home or away. Once the app is downloaded to the smartphone, users will be able to:

  • View and set ambient temperature
  • Access multiple Smart thermostats
  • Receive extreme temperature alerts
  • Create and edit thermostat schedules
  • Access an energy usage log
  • Activate an array of third-party Smart devices

There are also Smart thermostat models that can learn and mimic the family’s temperature activity.


Keen Home Smart Vent System

The Keen Home Smart Vent will enhance the HVAC system even more. The vent will connect to the existing home network, but to control it remotely the Keen Home Smart Bridge or a third-party (SmartThings) hub is required, which acts as a communication gateway. The vent is integrated with a variety of sensors, including temperature and pressure. The temperature sensor calculates the ambient temperature of the room it is located in to better regulate airflow.

The faceplate is interchangeable, with a variety of options available, using a powerful magnetic strip. The system is also embedded with a removable vent that attaches directly to the faceplate. The filter will aid in improving the air quality in the room. Now, it is important to note that the vent will not automatically open or close. However, the user can adjust the vent remotely and create a time schedule for it to open and close via the app.

If you are willing to take the time to monitor the temperature in your home room-by-room and adjust the vent remotely, the vent will aid in eliminating hot and cold spots. According to the manufacturer, it will also reduce energy usage and costs by up to 30 percent.

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