KINGMAK Wi-Fi Smart Video Doorbell Review

By   August 11, 2016

Smart devices are becoming extremely popular and with so many brands on the market, with varying price tags, every consumer has access to them. One brand that is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media is KINGMAK. KINGMAK is new to the Home Automation industry, but their products are embedded with premium components, comparable to the expensive well-known brand. The KINGMAK Smart doorbell is very unique and features a camera, with infrared night vision capabilities.


KINGMAK Smart Doorbell

Camera Capabilities

What sets the KINGMAK doorbell apart from the competitor brand is its price tag. This is a very affordable device that is embedded with everything homeowners need to enhance their existing home security system. Users can download the associated KINGMAK app to their smartphone or tablet and gain full remote control over the doorbell. They will also be able to access a live-stream view of their home, within the camera frame. A 140-degree wide viewing angle will also help capture more of the premises in the tiny camera frame. The IR night vision capability will ensure homeowners that every stranger, entering their property will be captured and recorded, even when it is pitch dark outside.

Motion Detection Sensor

Another feature that will come in handy is the motion detection sensor. When the sensor is triggered, you will receive an immediate notification via your app-enabled device. Accept the notification and immediately access a live-stream camera view. You will also receive a notification every time a visitor rings the doorbell. In this case, if you accept the notification, you will be able to see the visitor. But, this is only the beginning, because the KINGMAK doorbell is also embedded with a two-way speaker system, so you can communicate with the visitor, as well.

Notable Specifications

  • Supports 8 users simultaneously
  • Two-way communication system
  • Remote locking/unlocking capabilities
  • Captures still images and videos of all events
  • 140 Degree wide viewing angle
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Night vision – IR LED bead
  • Measurements – 78mm W X 78mm L X 26mm D

When you compare the KINGMAK with the more expensive brand, there truly is little difference. Of course, the price tag is much lower, making it accessible to all income classes.

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