LG Electronics Smart Security Wireless Camera Review

By   March 11, 2017

Indoor cameras are a great way to enhance home security, working very well with outdoor surveillance systems. While there are so many brands and models on the market, none of them can compare to LG Electronics, which is one of the top leading consumer electronic companies in the world. If you are just now starting to build your Smart Home network, you should consider investing in the LG Smart Security All-In-One Home Monitoring Camera. The camera acts as a Smart Home hub and motion sensor 1080p video camera.


LG Smart Security Wireless Camera


No Monthly Subscription Required

Consumers have the option of enrolling in 24/7 continuous cloud recording services or monitoring the system themselves. No subscription is required for home automation control and live viewing. To store video history, you will need to subscribe to the ADT Canopy monitoring services. There are two package options available, with both offering 24/7 continuous cloud recording. Consumers can choose from a 7-day or 30-day video history.

Without the subscription, event video clips will not be stored, so if you want visual proof to show to law enforcement agency, when an intruder attempts to access your home, you will need to subscribe. Video clips are 5 minutes long and record up to 1080p.

Two-Way Communication

The LG Smart Security Camera is embedded with a microphone and speaker, which allow for two-way communication. You will be able to communicate with anyone in the room with the camera. Access a live stream from home and away.

Smart Home Hub

As mentioned above, the LG Smart Security Camera also acts as a hub, which is the heart of any Smart Home network. Once the device is installed and paired with the existing router, you will be able to add Z-Wave-enabled Smart devices, such as lights, locks and motion sensors. Control the devices from anywhere and receive push notifications, when the motion sensor is activated.

Audible Alarm

The built-in siren will enhance the alert function, by initiating a loud audible alarm, in the event of a break-in. The audible 100dB alarm is followed up by an email or text, which is transmitted to the connected phone.

Video storage and monitoring requires ADT monitoring service. So, when you receive an alert, you will not have the option of saving a video clip for later viewing. You will only be able to access the live streaming feed of the camera view.

Temperature And Humidity Sensors

The embedded temperature and humidity sensors will allow users to monitor their home a little more closely. Access the companion app to view temperature and humidity measurement history. If you pair the LG Security Camera to your Smart thermostat, you will be able to make the necessary temperature adjustments right from your smartphone.

Overall Assessment

The LG Smart Security Monitoring Camera is the key to enhancing your home security and network. The app works flawlessly, but there is a slight delay in the video. The camera’s unique design and black finish will allow it to envelop into any home décor.

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