LG SmartThinQ Hub Integrates With Amazon Echo’s Alexa

By   September 4, 2016

LG announced in December 2015 they were working on a Smart speaker. At this time, LG gave very little insight into what the device would entail. However, the company did provide consumers with a name, image, and the Smart Home communication protocols that would be embedded into the speaker. The SmartThinQ Hub replicates the Amazon Echo, in that it has a cylindrical design, with a 3-1/2” LCD display.


SmartThinQ Smart Hub


The SmartThinQ Hub supports LG SmartThinQ appliances and third-party Smart devices, including Nest, IFTTT, and Lifx LEDs. Just this week, LG announced the Alexa integration, which will add voice-automation capabilities. The SmartThinQ speaker will function on a variety of communication protocols, including Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and ZigBee. Users will also have the ability to stream music from third-party devices or iHeartRadio to SmartThinQ. The mobile app enables remote control action, so users can monitor, manage, and receive notifications.

The release date and price is still unknown, but most analysts seem to think that the price will be similar to that of the Amazon Echo.