LIGHTSTORY BL08A Speaker LED Smart Bulb Review

By   October 22, 2016

LIGHTSTORY is a lighting company that provides consumers with various types of products, including candelabra bulbs and table lamps. The company has been very successful with these products, so they decided to add yet another light bulb to their product line. The new LED light bulb’s design would revolve around Smart-Bluetooth Technology, which acts as a communication gateway from the bulb to iOS and Android devices. The associated mobile app is free to download and available at the App Store.


LIGHTSTORY BL08A LED Smart Bulb Review


The LIGHTSTORY app is embedded with various features that enhances the LED’s functionality, including:

  • Time schedules
  • Timing Alarm – powers on at preset time (wake up to music and lighting)
  • Sleep Assistance – powers off at preset time
  • Built-in adjustable dimness controls
  • Plays local music stored in your smartphone
  • 5 Color modes, with a palette of colors (Normal, Rainbow, Pulse, Flashing, Candle, fade)
  • Shake – 4 built-in settings (Close/Open, Play/Pause, Next Song)
  • Changes colors to the beat of music

The Shake to Randomize feature is extremely entertaining and helpful. There are 4 built-in settings to choose from, so when you shake your app-enabled device, it will respond accordingly. The onboard amplifier frequency response is 40Hz-1.8Khz and signal-to-noise ratio is 80dB, which is pretty good for a tiny speaker.

The LIGHTSTORY BL08A LED Smart Bulb is definitely a great bargain, since its price tag is half that of other similar brands. Hopefully, LIGHTSTORY will update the app in the near future to enhance the bulb’s functionality.

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