Logitech Launches Its Own Smart Button Control – POP Home Switch

By   August 12, 2016

Smart Technology is offering millions of consumers the luxury of hands-free control over their Home Automation devices. From remote control to voice-automated control, there is no end to the possibility of this technology. Logitech entered the Home Automation industry some time ago and has seen much success with the Circle Home Camera and Harmony remote control and hub. At this point, the company has no plans on slowing down, but instead they are launching a new innovate Smart button control.


Logitech POP Home Platform


POP Home Switch

Logitech’s POP Home Switch is a multi-functional Smart Home control. What sets the POP platform apart from the Flic, which was released earlier this year, is it already supports several popular third-party brand devices (Lutron, Insteon, Philips Hue, WeMo, SmartThings, SONOS, August, and Lifx). Consumers will have the option of purchasing a starter pack that includes two Pop Home Switches and bridge.

How The POP Platform Operates

When you receive your new POP Home Switch and hub, the first thing you need to do is download the associated POP app to your iOS or Android device. Complete the initial setup process, pair the POP with your app-enabled device and existing Internet router. The bridge offers a plug-and-play installation, so all you need to do is plug it directly into a nearby receptacle. Once this is done, you can begin remote controlling your Smart Home devices, with just a touch of a button.

POP Switch offers three-way control usability, you can setup specific commands, so they can be implemented by a single, double, or press-and-hold touch. This is a battery-operated control that can be mounted on a wall or transported throughout the home. Consumers will have 4 different colors to select from, including alloy, white, coral, and teal. This will allow the device to integrate into your existing décor in a much easier fashion.


The POP Switch and plug-and-play bridge is a highly innovative device that will simplify how you control your Smart devices. The app is packed with various features that will enhance the switch’s usability and make it more fun to control your thermostat, LEDs, doorbell, door lock, and shades.

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