Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades Review

By   December 26, 2016

Most Smart Homes are installed with Smart Locks, thermostats, lighting fixtures, appliances, surveillance systems and doorbells. However, they are lacking a major Smart product that could potentially enhance security in and around the home. Homeowners value their privacy, so they cover their windows with shades, drapery and blinds. Burglars will spend days, even weeks monitoring a family’ activities, before they finally detect signs that show the family is away.


Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge


Most homemakers raise the shades or blinds at sunrise and lower them at dusk. As soon as the potential burglar notices the shades are not lowered, they will know that it is the moment they have been waiting for.


Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

Automated shades are a luxury that many consumers cannot afford, but those than can afford them should definitely consider investing. Not only are the shades the solution for hard-to-reach windows, but also they are perfect for seniors and disabled people. Each unit costs about $350, making them out of reach for many consumers. To activate the shades remotely, the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge will be required. The bridge integrates with Apple’s HomeKit that boasts features like geofencing-based automation and Siri voice services.

Users cannot activate the shades from the Lutron app. However, the Lutron app will allow users to integrate with Lutron products and third-party connected devices (Nest Learning Thermostat, Honeywell Thermostats and Logitech and HomeKit-enabled products).


Installation Is Super-Easy 

The battery-powered Serena Shades are extremely easy to install, depending on the installer’s mechanical skills. Once the shades are installed, the Caseta Smart Bridge will need to be setup, along with accompanied app. The purpose of the Caseta Bridge is to reduce battery power usage, since Apple’s HomeKit utilizes Wi-Fi, which drains batteries much quicker than Bluetooth, a low-energy communication protocol.

Set up scenes and allow the shades to raise and lower based on the time clock in the app. For the price, you would have thought that Lutron would have included a temperature sensor, so the shades could close to conserve heat or cold, when the temperature reaches a preset setting.



Geofencing, a global positioning system-based service, is a little tricky, with a short delay. Once the user sets up a virtual perimeter, usually the area around the home, the Serena Shades will raise and lower accordingly.

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