Miami Has Plans To Implement Smart City Technology In The Near Future

By   February 6, 2017

Civic Smart Technology is being implemented into metropolis cities around the world. In the future, the youth will be studying about Smart Technology in classrooms, since it is becoming mainstream. This technology is capable of simplifying how government’s operate and residents live, with air quality checks, security monitoring, energy efficiency and diverting drivers from traffic congestion.


Miami Will Soon Be A Smart City


While this all sounds great, Smart Technology can be rather expensive. However, if the technology were implemented correctly, it would be worth more than what the city paid for it.

Miami officials claim they will implement America’s first ever fully integrated Smart City ecosystem, utilizing CIVIQ waypoints. CIVIQ is capable of delivering a “Citizen Mobility Experience” to improve community safety, by locating local public facilities, providing transportation schedules and transmitting emergency alerts.

Over a three-month period, 300 digital WayPoints will arrive, along with hot spots in key areas and public transport Wi-Fi. A future road infrastructure and technology upgrade will allow the information to flow to the city’s public transportation databases. Officials will then be able to focus their attention on public health, wellness and other issues.

Panasonic is currently working to bring Smart cities and third-party technologies together to create smarter infrastructures, through its CityNOW brand. The third-party technologies include:

  • Smart mobility
  • Clean energy
  • Smart buildings
  • City services
  • Health and wellness

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