MONUEN Smart Alarm Clock, With Spy Camera Review

By   September 24, 2016

Cameras are being embedded into various devices, but burglars will easily detect most of these. If you want to get creative, you should consider investing in the MONUEN Smart Alarm Clock. This clock is very unique in the fact that it has a small hidden embedded camera. MONUEN is integrated with Smart Technology to provide a communication gateway from the clock to your iOS and Android devices. MONUEN’s curvilinear compact design, with a white finish will allow it to envelop into any home décor.


Monuen Smart Alarm Clock, With Spy Camera

HD Camera

The embedded spy camera will allow users to capture burglars red-handed. Once the associated MONUEN app is downloaded on your smartphone, you will be able to access a live-stream 1080P video. Capture images and videos, so you can share them with your local law enforcement agency. MONUEN does not require a monthly Cloud subscription. Instead, the clips will be saved and stored in the SD card onboard storage. The clock comes with a 8GB Micro SD card, which will hold quite a bit of data. Do not fret about running out of space, because when the 8GB is filled, it will begin to loop record, providing endless recording.

Motion Sensor

An additional feature that will definitely peak your interest is the motion sensor. The motion sensor will detect the slightest bit of activity, so nothing goes unscathed. When the sensor is triggered, an immediate notification will be transmitted to your app-enabled device. You will have the option of disabling this feature, just in case you do not want to be bothered with incoming alerts.

Overall Assessment

A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is included with each purchase to provide consumers with peace of mind. MONUEN also provides lifetime support, so if you need assistance with the installation and setup process, be sure to contact customer support. The digital clock is very easy to set, with small push buttons on the back panel. The red numbers illuminate brightly, so you can see them from afar. If you are interested in the MONUEN, please click on the Amazon link below.

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